Why the book in a blog?

why-the-book-in-a-blog4As- salaamu ‘alaykum-wa rahmatullahi-wa barakaatuhu to the Muslimeen,

The reason why we have decided to put this book up in a blog format is simply for ease in reading.  Many people become intimidated by a 400+ page book and perceive it as one big block structure.  In doing this many do not even want to get started on reading a particular book and thus miss out on crucial pieces of history or information that they could otherwise have benefited from.

It is our humble attempt here to break-up the book and post it in chapters and sections through which the reader can easily navigate.  In addition we will upload a few pages of the book every few days so again, the reader feels that the book can be approached in a reader-friendly manner.  For those who would like to be updated every time a new section of the book is published, please leave your email address on this page on the “comments” section.

Color coding has been used to indicate Ahadith, verses of the Quran, Tafsir of Ibn Kathir and the saying of scholars that Ibn Kathir mentions in his tafsir. As for the saying of the Sahaba, (companions of the Prophet صلَّى الله عليه وسلَّم), they have been left in normal black font.

The Appendices of this book compose a large section of this work.  We have posted up the complete appendix in the ‘categories’ section.  This will allow the reader to refer to it any time it is mentioned in the main body of the text.  We highly encourage the readers to not skip references to the appendix as the appendix itself could compose a whole book!

We have also posted the bibliography of this book in the ‘categories’ section.  All the materials used to research for this book are cited there.

Finally, we ask Allah subhanahu wa ta’aala to accept this humble endevour from the author of the book.  We hope that his efforts will be of benefit to the ummah and a source of encouragement for the Muslimeen to learn from and act upon their history, both the ‘ups’ and the ‘downs’.  Ameen.



  1. RayonSoleil said,

    Assalamualaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

    I think it’s a great idea, blogging a book. Please email me if you publish a new section of this book…thanks in advance.

    May Allah give barakah to what you do here and May He reward you. Amen.

    Wassalamu’alaikum warrahmatullahi wabarakatuh

  2. Hamza said,

    Wassalamualaikum. Please do notify me about any updates. Jazkallahu Qair.

  3. salilss said,

    assalamu alikum,

    very interesting i’m looking fwd to it, may allah accept this work ameen

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