Did you know?

1)      Did you know that Muslims lived in Al-Andalus (Islamic Spain) for up to 200 years after the Fall of Granada (the last Muslim Stronghold in Al-Andalus) in 1492?

2)      Did you know that the Muslims who were once the rulers of that pure Islamic land were forced to give up all forms of their identity including their own Muslim names!?

3)      Did you know that Al-Ghazali gave a fatwa justifying the fighting and killing of the Muluk at Tawa’if (Muslim rulers of Al-Andalus) and their forces?

4)      Did you know that Muslims prepared for and waged jihad within Al-Andalus (no longer an Islamic State) almost seventy years after the Fall of Granada and that too, under the guidance of the Uthmani Khilafa?

5)      Did you know the Barbary “pirates” were actually Uthmani naval mujahideen?

6)      Did you know the Mujahideen were present in the Philippines and Somalia in the 16th Century fighting the Spanish and Portuguese Crusaders respectively?

Five reasons why YOU

should read this book:

1)      This book sheds light upon this forgotten chapter of Muslim history; what really happened to the Muslims after the fall of Granada in 1492?

2)      The situation of the Muslims of Al-Andalus post 1492 poses a striking similarity with the situation of the Muslims living in the West today.  Well, how?

a)      The preference to live in a land with a predominantly Non-Muslim majority because of all the “perks” it contains.

b)      Forsaking jihad

c)       Adoption of kuffar practices while leaving those of Islam, such as prohibition of the niqab

3)      You will understand America’s plans today upon the Muslims as compared to the plans of the Spanish upon the Muslims of Al-Andalus.

4)      This book will give you an in depth understanding of the global nature of the Ummah in terms of the cooperation of Muslim nations, participation in jihad, and the schemes of the Kuffar of old.

5)      It will shatter any myths and misconceptions regarding jihad both past and present.



  1. dindinsurandin said,

    Interesting writing.But, how to dowload a completly book? We want it…

  2. abubakr007 said,

    Asalaamu alaykum, brother JazakaAllah Khair for your efforts.

    The author has put a lot of pressure on hijrah and may Allah ta’ala reward him immensely, ameen

    Brothers am I allowed to ask Islamic questions here?

    • History of Al Andalus said,

      Wa ‘alaikum as salaam,

      Yes you may ask Islamic questions here. We will try our best to respond to your queries in sha’ Allah. Wa-Allahu ‘alam.

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