March 10, 2009

Appendix M

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Ribad Al Bayyazin [Albaycin], and the surrounding area with emphasis on the wall mentioned in the Treaty of Garnata (in Clause of 1 of the Spanish version): (note: this map is based on my research assumptions, and might not all be correct)



A view of Al Qasbah from Al Bayyazin. One can imagine why Muslims were eager to assure that Christians perverts would not take advantage of Muslim defeat by peeping in on their houses from the Al-Bayyazin Quarter wall.

San Miguel Alto, where the Al Bayyazin wall reaches, houses a The Church of San Miguel Alto built on the ruins of the Masjid Al Zaytun (Mosque of the Olive tree). Below is the Wudhu, (ablution area), from the masjid, which is the only part that remains after Napolean destroyed it in 1816 to make the current Church of Saint Micheal:


Saint Michael has been a popular saint in Spain since the Reconquest. His slaying of a dragon in Christian mythology was likened to the destruction of heresy and, in particular, the war against the Muslims, (The figure under his foot is a representation of a Muslim):


The Muslim is represented as that very dragon that Saint Micheal slew, with the addition of the Muslim clutching the fire of hell in his right hand:



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